'God Has Saved My Life More Than Once'

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God plays a very important role in my life…Personally, I do not find it appropriate to attach a gender classification to God. For me, God is in everything that exists and that doesn’t. God is the only one I try to please all the time…I can say that God has literally saved my life on more than one occasion. I have had many miracle, both in my life as well as in the lives of people close to me…I think as time passes by, we tend to forget about the strengths that are intrinsic to our being and something as simple as intuition feels like a supernatural gift. But for those who are constantly in touch with their spiritual side, intuition comes through naturally.

I have immense faith in the power of prayers and I take time out to pray everyday. It’s a fact that I pray the most when I am happiest. Anytime I start off on a new endeavor, I tell myself that God is watching over me. Whether it was the launch of my first or most recent album, I have always put my trust in God. Even when things don’t go my way, I never let go of my faith in God.

I have had quite an eventful life filled with challenges that seemed insurmountable at times. But through all these phases, I never allow myself to forget that I have been protected by God every step of the way. More than any accolade that I have earned in the professional or personal sphere, I am proud of the person I am and I am thankful to the Almighty for the same.

I do not agree that God can be approached only through religion. Most human beings need structure and rituals to reach a certain level of understanding regarding any subject matter. When it comes to spirituality, religion can serve as a great aid in understanding God. Unfortunately, some people also use religion as a means to divide, hurt and kill – - none of which is propagated in any religious text. Every human should realize that he or she is a part of God. We need to live like God, let every thought, word and action be Godly. In any situation, just ask yourself what would God do think or say? It’s as simple as that.

As told to Bijoy Bharathan Deccan Chronicle 1.18.2010

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