'Contentment is in Living Freely'

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You find God in?

“I find God in everything. You can find God in yourself and in love. There is a beautiful harmony in everything that forms a part of our world and every time you sense that, you sense God.”

How do you connect to God?

“I connect to God by tuning to love. There are so many ways and my favourite to start with is an attitude of gratitude. The best way to connect to God is by being happy. If you want to align yourself with universal energy, all you have to do is feel happy.”

Karma & kismet to you are?

“These are a combination. To me, life is like one giant computer game. Some points are fixed and you have to go through them and everything else is your choice. It’s a combination of destiny and free choice. As for karma, your higher soul decides the things you have to experience in a life. You plan a blueprint and then it’s like entering a virtual game. Your soul knows it’s eternal and it needs to pay debts, but you do not remember when you are born. The experience is so real.”

True contentment lies in?

“For me, true contentment lies in living free and that is a tall order. It also lies in never having to lie and in being yourself and being happy about who you are.”

As told to Gayatri Kolwankar TNN | Mar 10, 2012, 12.00AM IST

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